Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ruined Review!

Today I read Ruined, a novel by Paula Morris. It is a sister novel, but not a sequel, to Dark Souls. This is a very well written piece of work about the devastation that was occurring New Orleans after hurricane Katrina hit.

Rebecca never wanted to move to New Orleans for six months while her father went to China, she would rather stay in her tiny apartment in New York City by herself then go live with her strange aunt. After her first week at an elite private school, she regrets not begging her father even more to let her stay in the city. She does not fit in any where and no one will talk to her except her cousin who is in a completely different building, in the lower grades of the private school. But after she sees Anton Gray, she thinks maybe moving to New Orleans may not be as bad as she thought. That is until she sees a ghost.

I love the plot to this book. It is original and it is easy to understand. The most confusing part is when you get closer to the end, that is when the plot really thickens and things happen that you would have never thought would have.

The characters in this book seem to jump off the page. But it takes you a while to get to know them. Like Marianne, everyone says she's kind of nice, but we don't know this until we see her crying in the library. However some of the other characters we know instantly, like Aunt Claudia, we see what she is like from the moment we see what is inside her house.

What I Think-
I love this book, it is very excellent. I have now read this book three times and I love it more than ever. I can somewhat relate to the main character because I sometimes feel like I am out of place too. An outsider. This book is a mysterious and a roller coaster that keeps you reeling from beginning to end.

I would give this book four and a half stars out of five for everything I have just mentioned above in my review.

Hope to have you reading again soon,
Paige <3