Friday, November 28, 2014

Confessions.The Paris Mysteries

Confessions: The Paris Mysteries
By James Patterson
 Maxine Paetro

Tandy has just reunited with the love of her life in Paris. She has escaped the nightmare that she has been living in since her parents died. Or has she?

After only a few short days with her lost love James, he once again disappears from her life. Heartbroken she finds her way back to her grandmother's house in Paris. Here she and her three brothers discover that they are heirs to a large fortune that none of them could have possibly imagined. But money isn't the only thing that Tandy's grandmother left behind. Behind locked doors lies another mystery. This time one about the fifth Angel child, Katherine, that died in a horrible accident years ago.

Now without help Tandy must discover what happened to Katherine. Was her accident really and accident? Or was Tandy's darling older sister murdered? And is she next?

My Thoughts-
WARNING!!!! There will be spoilers. If you these bother you do NOT read!!!!

Tandy seemed to have digressed a little in this novel. You see more about her past, but her character doesn't seem to move forwards any. She doesn't change all that much in this novel. If anybody changes in this it is Harry. Here, Harry almost changes into an entirely new person. His passion seems to seep through the pages into the readers mind (I love it). The other character's also seemed to be very, on the page. Jacob seemed to just be there with very little emotion to me. The only times I saw the lack of emotions subside is when 1. Hugo went missing and 2. when he gets angry at Tandy.

Whatever the novel lacked in characters it made up with in the plot. I loved the plot twist that this novel threw at the reader. It seemed just when you were beginning to figure things out. BAM another twist. Some of them I could see coming though just from what I know from characters in previous novels. But others, God, I thought I was going have to throw my book across the room because I was so angry at James. It was like REALLY?!?!?!? Why did you just do that? And other times I just had to sit there and think, "How could this be possible?"

This book over-all I think deserves like a 4 out of 5. I would recommend this book to you and I would read it again, but I am also not itching to dive back into it just yet.  Thanks for reading this! And check back in a few days for my review of the classic The Great Gatsby.

Hope to have you reading again soon,