Monday, February 4, 2013

1st Review- The Vampire Stalker

The Vampire Stalker by Allison Van Diepen

Amy is a hopeless romantic, she has always been and will probably always will be. She is waiting for her perfect guy, who she has already found. There is one major problem to this though, the guy she is in love with is a character in a book. However, after the author is said to be having writers block she comes face to face with a guy who looks exactly like Alexander Banks, the character she is madly in love with, after someone attacks her with the same blonde hair that the antagonist has in The Otherworld series.

 The characters in this book are very dynamic, from Madison- Amy's little sister (Chrissy)  troublemaking best friend- to Vigo -the antagonist- to Alexander -the hunky guy from the book that everyone is in love with. I think that most readers can connect in someway to al least one of these characters, whether it is Amy who feels like every character in the Otherworld series is real and falls in love with one, or if it is Chrissy, the annoying little sister who is acting out because her father left them, or even if it is Luisa and Katie, the two best friends who are left in the dark throughout the novel, but still remain loyal.

The plot in this keeps you on edge throughout the entire book. You can sometimes guess what Vigo is going to do next, but then other times he surprises you and does things that you never thought another human could do, so I guess it is good that he isn't human. The main plot is Alexander attempting to kill Vigo, and he comes close several times; but then there is some of the sub-plots, one of which is Amy trying to fight off her affections for Alexander because she knows he will have to leave after he kills Vigo.

The only thing that made this book seam really out there is that everyone accepts the fact that there is a vampire out there too easily. You would think that there would be the people who would break the curfew for the first couple of nights, then they would stop because the people who did break it would be dead or too scared to leave their homes. Then you would still have the non-believers who would be going around saying that the entire thing was stupid, but they still wouldn't leave their house after a while.

4 out of 5 stars for this novel.

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