Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Defiance Review!!!!!

Defiance (Strange Angels #4) By Lili St. Crow

Summery- Dru has finally ended up in the right place with all the right people around her, except for Graves. With her trusty sidekick gone Dru doesn’t know what to do anymore, but when she receives and note from Anna and Ash shows signs of improvement, everything starts going downhill.

Characters- the characters in this book are still developing, evolving, even though this is the fourth book in a five book series. They are still jumping off the page and standing right in front of you with how descriptive St. Crow is with them. You get to see things about certain characters you would have never thought you would have seen before.

Plot- The plot of this series is very good, just like the plot in this book. The sub-plots, however, I found some of them were lacking. The first few chapters are a sub-plot, a very short and sweet one, but that is how people like it, well everyone except us readers that is. These first few chapters though are very confusing; it makes you think, “Did I miss something? Was there a book I skipped?”

I give this a 4 out of 5 stars.

The Strange Angel series-
Strange Angels

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