Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Fever by Lauren Destefano
Published: 2012
Pages: 341

Rhine has done it. She has finally escaped from the mansion and from the clutches of her father-in-law, Vaughn. Now she is free, her mission has progressed further than she ever thought. Her next step? To find her brother, who has been out of contact with her since she was taken. With Gabriel by her side, she makes her way back up the east coast, hopeful she will find her brother in Manhattan. But this journey will prove to be one of the most difficult that Rhine has ever ventured on. Can she escape her evil father-in-law, out run the Gathers, and avoid the ghost of the past that threaten her safety?

What I Thought
This was a fabulous sequel. This novel was very good structurally and I honestly thought it was very well thought out. Everything flowed very well, the characters developed more, and the ending of the book left me wanting more.

The plot was very good, usually I don't mention the plot to much because it never stands out in a positive or negative way. But this book did a very good job in pulling together things from the very beginning of the book, and from parts of the last book (Wither by Lauren Destefano). There was one part at the beginning of the book that I was like "What the heck? How did that happen?" And then at the end of the book I was like "Ohhh, that's how. I get it now." And I really like it when books do that.

Rhine as a character developed more in my opinion. We defiantly saw more of her through memories that she shared with her brother, how weak she truly is. Although she puts on the appearance of strength, I think that she is still just a scared little girl. And truthfully that is what she is. Sure in her world she would be considered an elder, but in our society she is still developing mentally, and I think that is an important component that I think I forgot when reading this because she is so much older than some of the other characters, and the only characters older than her are the first generations.

We also see more of Rhine's brother, Rowan. Which is one of my favorite things about this book, I want to know about the other half of Rhine. The actual toughness behind her. There are so many things about Rhine's past life that we don't know, and he is one of them.

Gabriel, we see more of also. We see how much he cares for Rhine, and how far he would actually go to save someone he cares about. How he helps someone who is need, that cannot help themselves.

This was a fantastic book, but sometimes things did move a little slow at parts, and it felt like there were parts in there that didn't absolutely have to be in there, that felt like they were in there just as fillers, and they probably were. I agree with having fillers in books, but these were really long and it made me want to fall asleep, but I was almost done and I felt that need to continue, to finish. And I have to admit it was worth it.

I would defiantly read this book again, and recommend it to almost anyone I come across. So I am saying that this is about a 4.5 type of book. It has a good plot, good dynamic characters, and leaves you wanting more. The only downside is that the book moves slow at one or two parts for an extended period of time.

Hope to have you reading again soon,