Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Last (NOT a review)

So if you do not already know I am still in high school. Tonight was our final basketball game of post season play. And I learned a powerful lesson tonight.

As we all sat there waiting for our coach to come in I noticed that there was silence. There was not a word uttered, but as I started to look around I saw all three senors and some other fellow team mates crying. I completely understood this. I was really upset too and was also on the verge of crying. 

Then when our coach came in he took one look around and simply said, "I know this really sucks". Then he started on his post game speech, but this one was more emotional than any before. All he really had to say is don't waste your time in the jersy that you are wearing. And I found out about five minuetes later why. 

That five minuetes later all there seniors disappear around the corner of the locker room and the rest of the team just stood there for a second and looked at each other and we too went around the corner. 

There we found all of them sitting with their heads in their hands and tears wetting their palms. One-by-one all twelve that were still in the locker room went around comferting each other. 

It was then that I realized that you never know when something may end. It maybe your relationship or a chapter in your life, or the last basketball game in your high school career. I learned that you need to always make the best of things and ALWAYS try your hardest.

So as I sit here, riding on the bus back home, I think how I could've tried harder, how I could have worked harder during the season. 

So please take my advice and try your hardest no matter what it is for, even if it is something you don't want to do.