Friday, June 21, 2013


Underworld by Meg Cabot
Pages: 317

Pierce thought that she was safe from the Underworld. That she would not return until it was her time to die, then she would only go to board the ferry to take her to the final place where spirits go to rest in eternal happiness or eternal hell. But she could not run from her love, John, forever and keep him from taking her into the underworld to be his queen. But when Pierce finds out her cousin, Alex, maybe in danger, can she convince John to let her return to Earth to save him? Even if it means exposing herself to the Furies.

What I Thought
As the person I am, I have read almost all of Meg Cabot's books. This series is by far the best that I have read of hers. She actually make the person who is in the position of Hades seem normal an like someone who was actually a man. Someone who knows what it feels like to die, through that he shows more sympathy than in other characters I have seen who have played the role of Hades. I also loved how John has more background, something more interesting, than the normal stories about the lord of the dead.

This book is a lot less confusing than the first book, which is good. Where the first book flips between past and present a lot, this book stays with Pierce the entire time.

 This book also explains a lot more in a lot more detail, mainly because the main character is not as clueless in this book than in the first one. Some of my favorite parts are when she sees the curtains fluttering. I like this because the curtains are white and seem symbolic in a place of death. It makes me think that there is innocence and purity in the Underworld. It also makes me think that Pierce is getting to start over, that the white curtains mean a clean slate for her. It is kind of like the pomegranate in the Underworld, everyone thinks it is one thing, when it actually means something else entirely.

Some parts of the dialogue were a little weird for me. I don't know why, but whenever someone puts something with and "Oh," in front of a name it just sounds ridiculous.

Overall this book and a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Hope to have you reading again soon,
Paige <3