Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Luxe

The Luxe By Anna Godbersen
Published- November 20, 2007
433 pages

It is 1899 and the fabulous lives of Elizabeth and Diana Holland is in danger. After their father died he left them without much money. Now Mrs. Holland is desperate in saving their reputation, doing anything for her daughters and herself to remain in the social sector of Manhattans high strung society. That include marrying off her eldest daughter to the most eligible bachelor in town, Henry Schoonmaker. Although Elizabeth feels that she should marry Henry to save her family, she is also torn between duty and running off with the man she truly loves.

Diana is facing a similar situation, being in love with a man who everyone would disapprove with her being in love with. Henry Schoonmaker, he sisters new fiancé. With her secret constantly being threatened by her actions and thoughts, she has to be extra careful, even if she has to betray her sister to be happy.

What I Thought-
This book was amazing. I couldn't put it down after I really got into it. It has so many emotions that an average teenage girl feels in anytime period. You feel the hurt, the love, the excitement.

At the beginning of the book I was really lost because it switched characters a lot. However, after a few chapters I began to get a feeling of the book and how the beginning of each chapter worked. (It starts with something, a newspaper article, a journal entry, or a letter to show what character it is going to be narrating that particular chapter.)

I am a fantasy lover, and I am not afraid to admit that to anyone, but this book had me going from the minute I opened the cover. It has tons of romance, betrayal, and scandal that has any girl wanting for more. One of my favorite parts was when Elizabeth Holland and her lover (Will) got together and talked about running away to California. Usually the lovers in romance novels are my least favorite characters because the are boring, mostly because all they do is try to find ways to be together. In this case that is not all that is happening.

There aren't many bad things in this novel (at least none that left a lasting impression.) So I guess that is it for my review of The Luxe. If you liked that review I am sure you will love the book, so check it out.
I am giving this book a 5 out of 5 stars. It is one of the best written books I have read in a long time.

Hope to have you reading again soon,
Paige <3