Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Beautiful and the Cursed

The Beautiful and the Cursed by Page Morgan
Publisher- Random House

After a horrible accident in London Ingrid and her family flee to Paris. Being in a strange place Ingrid discovers that her twin brother Grayson is missing!!! Now she has to find her brother with her sister Gabby, but can she do it with out the help of mysterious Luc? Or without help of a hidden organization? Find out in The Beautiful and the Cursed.

My Thoughts
This book has what my local librarian calls the "right of passage." You have to get through the first part before the book becomes any good. That is what happened with this book. However once I got past the slow part I loved it.

The characters were extremely dark and I loved that. There are not many books that has many dark character that are fighting for good.

Other than this there are not that many things to report back. It was a good book, but any mistakes that really jumped out at me.

Over all I give this book a 4 out of 5.

Hope to have you reading again soon,
Paige <3