Monday, November 25, 2013

Revealed Review

By P.C. and Kristin Cast

In this installment of the House of Night series, Zoey is tested in ways that she has never been tested before. Now that her first love, Heath, has returned to her once again Zoey feels like her life feels somewhat right. In the little moments when Aurox's/Heath's spirit shows Zoey feels like her life isn't always as terrible as it has been in the past. But with the gift that showed Zoey who Aurox truly is there is a great burden. Before she knows it Zoey is snapping out at people who she loves the most when they are mourning a horrific loss and she very well be going off the deep end with her sanity. Will Aphrodite's new and approved vision of Zoey's future come true? Or will Zoey realize just in time that a blessing is also a curse? Find out in the penultimate (second to last) book of the series.

What I Think-
This was an amazing book. Before I read this book I had read all of the previous books and let me say. This one is following in the footsteps of Hunted and Destined  in being one of the best books of the series. I could not put this book down........Okay, now that I am done gushing about this book let me get on with the review.

My first paragraph is going to be to you new readers to this series and the old ones too. This book has helped me a little with the characters, you get to see who everybody, especially Shaunee, without Erin. Spoiler alert, something bad happens. (Not saying what though :P)

One thing has bothered me throughout the entire series is Zoey, I like her, she is a really good character, but sometimes she seems like a little bit of a whiner. And it is not just me who thinks this, most of my friends who have read this series agree with me also.

This book sets everything up for the epic battle that is looming in the next and final book of the series. You really get to know Neferet in this book, even more so than in the novella Neferet's Curse, which is about Emily and her journey to become Neferet. You come to see how she met Kalona and how she started to turn from Nyx. 

You will also see sides of Zoey that you never thought you would see in a million years. The same goes with Kalona, everyone always hated him, but in this book you will see that he is worth forgiving. 

Now, before I end my review let me say, I really wish this series would never end. Thank-you P.C. and Kristin Cast for writing this for us.

This book is getting a 4.5 out of 5 stars, because I don't know how to actually do the star thing you are just getting a number. 

Hope to have you reading again soon,
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